About project

One of the main advantages of the complex is that you are in the business center and at the same time you can afford a walk or morning jog in Park L. Globa , swim in SK Sportlife Priozerny and have access to the freshest farm products without spending time, as everything is located within walking distance!

I, Taran Ivan

Chief Engineer of Construction Customer Service Residential complex "BAKU" I have been building this complex from the very beginning of construction. I know about our residential complex, in the literal sense of the word - EVERYTHING! Starting with the registration of permits for construction and until the receipt of the commissioning certificate.

Why you should contact me

Consultation from the chief engineer

I will personally show you the object, tell you everything about the construction process and about the special "chips" of our house.

Contacts with representatives of the developer

The opportunity to communicate with the management of the facility (financial director, general director, chief engineer, chief accountant, lawyer)

No commission Realtor

Since there are no intermediaries on sale, the prices for apartments come from the developer, without additional commissions.

Possibility individual price offer

After viewing your future apartment, right on the object you can discuss its price and come to an agreement that will please you.

Full legal escort deal

My team and I will fully prepare the documents for your transaction, help conclude a purchase and sale agreement, organize a full accompanying consultation with a lawyer and chief accountant.

Everything you need for life is near!

LLC S AI "K.AS. LTD " — is a reliable construction company registered on the territory of Ukraine and already more than 14 years implements safe and modern projects

Residential complex "BAKU"

This is a quiet and cozy house for your family in the center of the Dnipro. At the same time, there are 15 schools and 25 kindergartens, a park, a swimming pool, a sports club, a market nearby. Apartments with terraces and gorgeous panoramic views from 42 - 115 m2 Height of streams - 3.1 m.

Layout of apartments

Free planning of premises with an area from 43 sq.m to 115 sq.m with the possibility of combining - unlimited possibilities for creating your own comfortable home.


Reliable construction of a monolithic reinforced concrete frame filled with aerated concrete and insulation.


All communications are made of European materials. The house has its own boiler room, heat meters for each apartment.

Our property video portfolio

Відеоролик дозволить get to know the object better – look to its location, estimate quality of repair and finishing materials, design style. Look also at the territory around it.

Layout of apartments

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Within walking distance of the park, sports club, supermarkets, central market, schools and kindergarten, as well as 200 m from Yavornitsky Avenue.

Free layouts

Free planning of premises with an area from 43 sq.m to 115 sq.m with the possibility of combining - endless possibilities for creating your own comfortable home

Energy efficiency

The insulated outer wall of the house, high-quality modern double-glazed windows, stained-glass windows of the premium segment and an individual heat meter for each apartment - a unique offer in this price segment!

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The cost

Apartments from 950 $ per sq.m

Parking for 74 cars

Sale of parking spaces 18 000 $

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